The Houses

Champagne Lanson in Reims
House founded in 1760

The prestigious LANSON is one of the oldest Champagne Houses. When creating its wines, it highlights the fruit and its rich aromas in its quest for purity. The freshness and energy that are the hallmarks of LANSON's style increase their cellaring potential and predestine the cuvées for aging. With its longstanding international presence, LANSON has built up strong positions, particularly in the UK, where the House has held a Royal Warrant continuously since 1900, awarded by Queen Victoria. LANSON Champagnes are distributed across all channels (mass retail stores, wine stores, gourmet food stores, fine-dining restaurants, hotels).

LANSON is rolling out a long-term value strategy based on the regular premiumization of high-quality wines. New outstanding quality listings such as “LANSON Green Label”, an organic cuvée that has received a positive response from the market, are helping support its presence in value-creating segments, particularly on international markets. Alongside this, LANSON is finalizing its major investment program to modernize its industrial facilities and support its commercial operations, which will make it possible to further improve the quality of its wines, its commercial responsiveness and its international reach



Champagne Chanoine Frères in Reims
House founded in 1730

Founded during the reign of Louis XV, CHANOINE FRÈRES was the first House to be authorized by the town of Épernay to dig a cellar in Champagne. The second oldest Champagne House, CHANOINE FRÈRES, now established in Reims, successfully blends modernity with tradition, with its modern, high-performance production facilities. CHANOINE FRÈRES Champagnes are present in the mass retail sector with the classic CHANOINE FRÈRES cuvées and the renowned TSARINE cuvée, which is also available through traditional channels.

CHANOINE FRÈRES is supporting its growth, both in France and for export, thanks to the renowned quality of its wines, particularly its TSARINE cuvée. Its clearly identified bottle and elegant labelling ensure its outstanding visibility, particularly in the cinema. Its growing number of listings through traditional distribution channels and its strong communication around a loyal ambassador, Adriana Karembeu, confirm its potential for development.

Champagne Besserat de Bellefon in Epernay
House founded in 1843

BESSERAT DE BELLEFON has continued to uphold the House’s tradition of impeccable quality, crafting wines reserved exclusively for the traditional wine store and gourmet restaurant sectors. In his quest for excellence, Victor Besserat created an exceptionally light Champagne in 1930: the renowned Cuvée des Moines, the jewel in the House's crown. Its bubbles, 30% finer than a traditional champagne, reflect a unique production process within the region. They give it the light effervescence that is the hallmark of BESSERAT DE BELLEFON Champagnes.

BESSERAT DE BELLEFON is carrying out challenging work to create value through its outstanding wines. Creative marketing actions around fine dining and wine tasting experiences are helping support the development of the House's sales in France and for export. Alongside this, it is clearly setting out its authenticity with its first organic cuvée “Triple B”, which expresses the best of its exceptional vineyard.

Champagne Boizel in Epernay
House founded in 1834

For over 180 years, with each generation, the BOIZEL family have devoted themselves with passion to ensuring the highest standards and crafting outstanding vintages, renowned for their elegance, finesse and balance. Exported from the 19th century to the UK and Europe, BOIZEL Champagnes are now renowned worldwide, and particularly in Japan, which is home to many enthusiasts of the delicate Rosé and the magnificent Joyau de France. In France, BOIZEL is the mail-order (B to C) specialist thanks to its strong customer relations focus and its innovative marketing approach to showcase its creations.

BOIZEL is moving forward with its major program to renovate and showcase its buildings on Avenue de Champagne in Épernay, classed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The opening of “L’Atelier 1834”, a dedicated contemporary new space for tasting its wines, and the promotion of its traditional cellars are supporting the development of its reputation. Alongside this, BOIZEL is standing out with the new 2008 vintage of its Grand Vintage cuvée.

Champagne De Venoge in Epernay
House founded in 1837

DE VENOGE cultivates a policy of quality and innovation in the purest Champagne tradition. Recommended by many prestigious institutions, DE VENOGE is one of the most decorated Champagnes of its generation. Available through selective networks (hotels, restaurants and wine stores), its attractive range of Champagne wines express all the region's rich heritage, the unique features of its grape varieties and the possibilities for marrying blends together. From the Cordon Bleu to the Louis XV cuvée and the prestigious Cuvée des Princes, the House follows a core guideline that is easily identifiable through its slogan: “Noblesse Oblige”.

DE VENOGE's premiumization is illustrated by its successful diversification into wine tourism. Classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its magnificent townhouse has been fully refurbished and is an outstanding showcase for the House's royal heritage, distinction and refinement. Its luxurious reception area “Les Suites du 33” and its Champagne bar “L'Ecurie” make it possible to celebrate French lifestyle or “art de vivre” while sampling a fine selection of the House's wines, including a new 2008 vintage of the Louis XV cuvée.

Champagne Philipponnat in Mareuil-sur-Aÿ

House founded in 1910

The PHILIPPONNAT family have been established in Aÿ since 1522, and have devoted themselves since the Second Empire to producing outstanding Champagne wines. From the Brut Royale Réserve, the House's ambassador, to the prestigious Cuvée du Clos des Goisses, Champagne PHILIPPONNAT offers an extensive range of full-bodied, structured wines, with a clear focus on Michelin star restaurants and fine wine enthusiasts. PHILIPPONNAT has one of the first Champagne vineyards to be awarded the “High Environmental Value” label. Its subsidiary PHILIPPONNAT Les Domaines Associés distributes Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) wines in France.

PHILIPPONNAT is attracting a growing number of enthusiasts searching for subtle pleasures. Renowned for its perfect respect for its region and its very high-quality wines, it is moving forward with its value development strategy, while ramping up its distribution for exports and selective distribution channels. The promising arrival of the “Clos des Goisses 2008” on the market has consolidated this cuvée’s reputation as one of the most prestigious Champagne wines.

Champagne Alexandre Bonnet in Les Riceys
House founded in 1973

The leading Champagne House in the village of Les Riceys, the Champagne region’s largest and most southerly plot, ALEXANDRE BONNET, with its 47 hectares of vines and its major grape purchasing contracts, actively contributes to supplies for the Group’s Houses. It is particularly renowned for its celebrated AOC label still wine, the Rosé des Riceys, as well as its collection of Champagnes covering a wide range of palates, both white and rosé, distributed in France and for export. The ALEXANDRE BONNET vineyard, with “Viticulture Durable en Champagne” sustainability and “Hautes Valeurs Environnementales” environmental certification since 2015, also stands out through the development of a museum to preserve the old Champagne grape varieties.

ALEXANDRE BONNET is further strengthening the House's distribution channels, primarily for export. The promotion of its vineyard is enabling it to clearly set out its position as a specialist for rosé cuvées and create valuable new limited edition cuvées, such as the “Harmonie de Blancs”. A pure product of Les Riceys, this unique blend of white grapes has been crafted specifically to satisfy the demands of discerning enthusiasts.


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