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Like perfume or haute couture, Champagne is one of the products that embodies the French luxury industry. The Champagne appellation of origin, which combines quality, prestige and celebration, constitutes an invaluable heritage. It is a symbol of France in the world. The people of Champagne have been protecting this common heritage for almost two centuries.


Key figures for the champagne market
(source CIVC)

  • In value terms, the world’s leading wine-producing region (Revenues : 6.4 billions of euros) ;
  • The Champagne Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) region covers around 34,200 hectares (319 districts), with 33,900 hectares in production;
  • Winegrowers own 90% of the production area, while the Champagne Maisons market 72% of total shipments and 86% of export volume ;
  • 2023 AOC potential yield = 11.400 kg / ha, representing 314 million bottles;
  • Huge yields, reaching an average of 22.000kg/ ha in the Champagne region.
  • Long-term process to revise the AOC area is underway, with its first impacts expected from 2025/2030.

Evolution of shipments by geographical area for the last 10 years

(Millions of bottles - Source CIVC)

Breakdown of champagne shipments in 2023
(temporary source CIVC)


Development of the top 15 markets outside of France
millions of bottles (temporary source CIVC)

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