Reclassification of a block of shares

Press release date: 
04/07/2022 - 5:45pm

Reims, Monday July 4, 2022 - 5:45pm (CET) – LANSON-BCC and the Group’s founder shareholders carried out a buyback operation on July 4, 2022 to acquire Crédit Mutuel Equity’s entire interest in LANSON-BCC, covering 335,500 shares at a unit price of €33.05, representing 4.72% of the company’s capital.

This buyback operation follows the exercising of the Repurchase Commitment from July 18, 2013, extended with the amendment dated May 15, 2019.

It is based on the following breakdown:

• 302,571 shares were acquired by LANSON-BCC at a unit price of €33.05, representing a total of €10m. This buyback was carried out under the program authorized by the ninth resolution approved at the general shareholders’ meeting on April 29, 2022, covering 10% of the capital. These shares are intended to be canceled within a maximum period of 24 months, in accordance with the tenth resolution from the general meeting on April 29, 2022.

• 32,929 shares were acquired by the PAILLARD, BOIZEL and BAIJOT family groups at a unit price of €33.05 for a total of €1.1m.

These transactions will be reported to the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF).

LANSON-BCC would like to sincerely thank Crédit Mutuel Equity for its commitment and support over the last nine years, and continues to enjoy a strong relationship with CIC, which will remain on board as a long-term partner for the Group’s Maisons as they move forward with their development.

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